2012: A Very Good Year for Social Giving

Source: mdgadvertising.com

We will see more trends like this as more people use social media for social good.


How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos

Keep this as a reference.

What Is The Flipped Classroom Model And Why Is It Amazing?

For argument #5 — students are not restricted in using their own source of information anyway. They can still ditch the recorded lecture if they want, and use something better.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Ed-Tech Leaders

I think this is more of a manifesto rather than an infographic… nonetheless, it’s cool!

Mobile Lives of College Students

Without Smart phones, everyone’s daily commute routine will be very boring.

What’s the Real Value of That Email Newsletter?

Just don’t overdo it…. or it will end up in trash

The State of Graphic Design

If you look at the top tools… the top 7 tools are all from Adobe.

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