LinkedIn Now has 200 Million Members

Interesting statistics from LinkedIn. The largest industries in LinkedIn are IT, Finance and Education. Cool!


The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning

What is not here is the budget or fee for the instructor, the availability of the trainer/trainee and the cost to train the trainer or update the eLearning. IMHO, If you have a large scale training meant for mass consumption e-Learning would dwarf ILT for cost effectiveness but ILT would work best in small-medium group.

Asia-Pacific Social Media Statistics

It is not a surprise why Facebook is the no. 1 social network for most Asian countries. But look at Vietnam’s internet user growth for the past 10 years!

The Evolution of Desktop Workspace

Quite true

Android Dominates Market Share

“So far in 2012, it’s clear that more people are starting to make the switch to Android.”

The Physics of Santa

This will only be a “fact” if you believe in Santa

Facebook’s Worldwide Expansion

I didn’t know Facebook has so many local offices already.

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